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The approach to fire-fighting problems is currently undergoing a long series of technical and scientific revises. These updates require from sector operators the ability to provide a multidisciplinary approachtaking into account the continuous evolutions that, starting from the so-called FIRE PREVENTION CODE (DM 05 August 2015), are turningsector professionals into highly specialized figures.

GFS, registered according to the D.M. 37 of 2008 letter G), provides services for design, supply, installation, maintenance, and commissioning of fixed and mobile devices:

  • Inert gas and CO2extinguishing systems,
  • FM200/HFC/Novec chemical gas extinguishing systems (company registered in the FGAS Register and equipped with licensed technicians according to FGAS Regulations),
  • Extinguishing systems with condensed aerosol,
  • Sprinkler/deluge fire extinguishing systems,
  • Low- and high-pressure water mist extinguishing systems,
  • Chemical powder extinguishing systems,
  • Foam extinguishing systems (low and high expansion),
  • Hydrant networks,
  • Fire and Gas Detection Systems,
  • Foam, powder, and gas mobile devices.
For the design of fixed extinguishing and fire/gas detection systems, we use state-of-the-art software to evaluateall the required main features such as water sizing, flow calculations, equipmentplacement, evaluation and sizing of overall volumes and positioning layouts.

As far as design activities are concerned, in addition to fixed systems design technicians, our staff also includes an engineer licensed as a Fire Protection Professional according to the Ministerial Decree 5 August 2011, Article 4, for the supply of connected fire prevention services.

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