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This website is protected by specific security measures, always in line with technological progressand as IT risks evolve; the specific security measures observed for the management ofwebsite are contained in the Genova Fire Service S.r.l.(the Company) Privacy Policy.Please be advised that,even thoughthe Company is doing whatever is reasonably possible to protectthe site and any personal data provided by surfers, at the current state of technology, it is not possible to completely avoid the risk of security in navigation or data transmission via email: the transmission via the Internet or email can never be said to be perfectly secure or free fromerrors.The use of passwords, identification (ID) numbers or other special access keys onthis website is under the user’s responsibility.

Internal recipients: in Genova Fire Service S.r.l.,only those people, who need the data for the purposes here indicated,can access the data:their name, job and related permissions are written in compliance with the GDPR. External recipients: we only transfer personal data to external recipients outsideGenova Fire Service S.r.l. if this is necessary for the processing or fulfillment of your request, if thereis another legal authorization or obligation or if you have given us your consent to do so.The recipients can be:a) Data controllers, such as external suppliers that we use for services supply, orfor the provision of contractuallyrelevant content. These data are carefully selected and regularly checked by us to ensure that your privacy is preserved. Service providers may only use the data for the purposes we specifyand according to our instructions.b) Public or Governmental authorities and institutions, such as prosecutors, courts or tax authorities to whomwe must transfer personal data to comply with legal obligations. The transmission takes place at thepursuant to article 6, paragraph 1, letter c) of the GDPR.

If the description of the individual services does not provide information about the retention period or the cancellation of data, the following applies: we keep your personal data only for as long as is necessary for the purposes set out by this service or, in case of consent, until the consent has been revoked. In case of objection to their processing, we will delete your personal data, unless their further treatment is necessary to pursue other legitimate purposesof the processing. We will also delete your personal data when we are obliged to do so for any obligations of law. We will also delete your personal data when the following conditions apply:in the event that the legal basis on which the processing is based ceases to exist, unless further storage is necessary to comply with other legal obligations or to pursue other legitimate purposes of the processing. If the latter occurs, we will delete the data after the additional legal basis will also be lost. – When they will no longer be necessary for the purposes of preparation and execution of a contract or legitimate interests and there will be no other legal basis as in the event that the further conservation is necessary to comply with legal obligations in tax matters or conservation of company documents.

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